Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Other Two Books(:

Well, I mentioned yesterday that I managed to read 2 more books, so I'll just talk about them now before I forget. Although, I don't have any more books to read, and I can't read because of more EE problems....):

Alright, the first book I read was At Home in Japan by Rebecca Otowa. She's an Australian who married a Japanese and became the matriarch of an old-fashioned Japanese house. Normally, I'm very suspicious of such books, partly because I don't really believe that Westerners can understand Japanese culture, plus, most of the time, they sound condescending. But this book, just proved me wrong (the exception that shattered the rule).

The authoress sounds friendly and willing to learn, in addition, the book has so much information about traditional Japanese living. While she doesn't praise everything, neither does she condemn everything, she sounds real and therefore, likable. In fact, I agree with some of her opinions, such as the patriarchal society in Japan, which makes me really interested in the book.

The next book I read, which is just as good, is called Faust Eric by Terry Pratchet. I've stated so many times how much I love his books, especially the discworld series. This is one of the Rincewind book, and Leonardo Da Quirm plays a surprisingly big role. The book is sort-of-but-not-really parody of the book Faust, and Pratchet even makes the demons likable O.o

This book, in fact, reminds me of another book I saw in the library, with the same theme. I can't remember the title, but it's a twitter version of the classics. I have to remember to borrow it from the library next time(:

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