Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Killer's Art by Mari Jungstedt

I've finished one book today, apart from going to the library and even finished my BM IA analysis. All in all, a very productive day. This book, The Killer's Art is by a Scandinavia author, which is the first time (I can recall), that I read a book by a European author.

To digress a little, I'm really glad that I studied Siddhartha last year. This is actually a little relevant, because in Siddhartha, I studied about Freud and Jung, and learnt how to pronounce their names. Now, look at the author(ess) name again? Yup, it's Jungstedt, so I was pretty happy that I could pronounce most of her name(:

The book is, on the whole, well written, and by that, I mean that the mystery is well done, and kept me guessing til the end, yet, it made sense, with no unbelievable plot twists. It's apparently part of a series, since it says "an inspector Knutas series", and it's actually interesting enough that I want to go and look for the other books in the series.

The only thing I don't like about this book is the homosexuality. But unlike other books (like The Book of Lost Things), this is actually integral to its plot, and so, I suppose it could be somewhat excused. But I really really wished that it wasn't there, although right now, I can't think of any alternative plot.

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