Sunday, February 6, 2011

Over the Chinese New Year 2011

It's officially the year of the rabbit!

But unfortunately, I haven't read any rabbit themed books. And although I went to the library recently, I really can't remember much of the books I read (which shows how interesting they were).

So let me see, over the past few days, I read a few ebooks. Including The Brothers Grimm, which made me realise that lots of fairy tales have skewed morals, like one that celebrates the "cleverness" of a maid that successfully gets away with drinking her master's beer and eating his 2 roasted chickens.

And there was a really interesting one called "Literary Taste: How to form it", what was interesting was how it advocated building a library. While I'm not going to take the list wholeheartedly and buy everything (I do have my own list of books to buy), it's interesting how he says that by putting away a small amount of money each week and buying inexpensive copies, it's easy to build up a good library in a short period of time.

As for one of the library books that I can actually remember, The Art of Discworld is the one. It's not strictly a book, but more like a whole collections of illustrations, but it's differentiated by the commentary. It's really entertaining, and like the book says, makes the "movie" of Discworld come alive. And the pictures were almost spot on as to how I imagined the characters to look like.

Alright, I'll talk more tomorrow (I hope)

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