Friday, February 25, 2011

Should I "deface" my books?

I just got my EE book The Man Within from yesterday (because I can't find it in Singapore), and today, I managed to finish analysing it today.

However,before I actually started annotating in my book, I was struck with a (fairly long) moment of hesitation. The book I received seemed so pretty, and so clean (because I waited so long for it), that I really didn't want to deface it.

And because this year, I know two people (a teacher and Mong), who refuse to "deface" their book. Mong suggested that I just write in a separate notebook. However, I don't feel like I've actually studied the book until I've written/underlined/highlighted it.

So... What should be done?

After agonising over it, Esther gave me the best advice, which was "do what makes you happy in the long run", so, I just went ahead and started highlighting. I feel so happy now, cause I feel like I've properly studied the book(:

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