Monday, February 7, 2011

Building a library

I just finished a book called "How to form a library, 2nd ed". It's a fairly interesting book, and raises some points that are worth consideration. Although, the irony is that this book is on ebook format. (:

One point that I agree on is that "special care must be taken in the choice of books, for upon that alone depends the value of the library". It makes sense to me, because while it is possible to have a library full of comics (not that I don't want that too), if it's only comics, than there's not much worth as say, a library with only novels (I mean Literature). But the best libraries (to me), have a good mix of everything, novels and non-fiction, comics and concordances.

Another illuminating point that was made was that "it is vain to go on the principle of collecting books that people ought to read, and afterwards trying to coax them to read them. The only practical method is to begin by supplying books that people already want to read, and afterwards to do whatever shall be found possible to elevate their reading tastes and habits". While I do try to get my sisters to read, it doesn't always work. But if I get them books that they like (like Sarah Dessen for Euphe), then they naturally read more. And to my surprise, Euge even finished the 13 1/2 lives of Captain Bluebear.

The only thing I don't quite like about the book is that most of it are lists of books that should be in the library (although the author admits that it is not the be all end all list). But to me, it does take up space in the book, and I feel that in building up a personal library (although the book was addressing both public and private libraries), what matters most is that you buy books you like, or you will never read the books you have anyway.

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