Friday, September 21, 2012

A Hollow Dream of Summer's End by Andrew Van Wey

Last year, I reviewed Forsaken by Andrew Van Wey. In my review, I mentioned that I (somewhat stupidly I admit), started reading this at night just before exams. The end result? I didn't sleep much because I was hiding under the covers reading (this romantic image being spoilt by the fact that I was reading from my iPad).

And just recently, he emailed me to ask if I was interested in reading his new novella A Hollow Dream of Summer's End. Honestly, I was touched. I'm just an unknown reviewer yet so many people are willing to give me the opportunity to read their books.

But enough gushing. This time, I was smart and resisted the urge to start reading this during lunch. I actually waited till the end of school before devouring the book. And devour the book I did. Like Forsaken, I couldn't put this book down and ended up reading it all in one go. It's a good thing this book is less than a hundred pages or I would probably still be reading.

The book centers around three boys: Freddie, Aiden and Brian. One night, while they're at a sleepover, something comes for them. It doesn't sound much, but it's exciting and has a pretty interesting twist at the end of the book.

Although this book is fairly short, I'm glad that time was taken to briefly introduce the characters and the situation. This was done in a summary about the boys summer vacation (the story takes place at the end of said vacation). With this, it was easy to remember which character was which, and made me more emotionally invested in the book.

Plus, one of the strengths of the book is how it explores the relationship between the three boys. They're supposed to be best friends, but as they're being hunted by the monster, their friendship is tested. And so are their characters. It's an interesting look as to how fear can change a person's character.

The language of the book is fairly family-friendly throughout the whole book, except for the ending where the f-word is mentioned. But I admit that it's natural for boys of that age to use it when they're agitated (I know because I spent the last two years yelling at boys of a similar age for using it :p).

If you liked/loved Forsaken, you would definitely enjoy this book. It's a bit creepy, a bit scary, and a very interesting read.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for a free and honest review.

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