Thursday, March 1, 2012

Promise Me Eternity by Ian Fox

What a difference a chapter makes. Chapter 2 of Promise Me Eternity is a normal blah introduction to the main character. Thankfully, the feeling of drama and suspense from Chapter 1 is carried over, making the book a really exciting read.

When the author Ian Fox emailed me to ask if I wanted a copy for review, I was intrigued by the promise of a gripping storyline.

The book may sound boring at first: unfulfilled neurosurgeon meets devastatingly beautiful woman, both parties are married, of course. But add in a Mafia connection and it suddenly becomes a whole lot more interesting.

Initially, Dr Patterson has the typical life of a neurosurgeon, except for the fact that he's obsessed with his research and his wife is getting impatient with their lack of money. Until one day, he saves the lives of businessman/gangster Carlo, who, out of gratefulness, invited him to his house for dinner.

The book is engaging, and I finished it relatively quickly. What I liked most were the characters. Dr Patterson is human, and that makes the events of the book plausible. That being said, most of the characters, while captivating, were really annoying people I wouldn't want to meet in real life. E.g. Helen his wife, Anita the anaesthesiologist, Jerry the assistant surgeon

Plus, there were some characters whose existence I didn't understand. What was the use of Dr Miner? He didn't have much relevancy to the main plot.... But I suppose he was needed to the twist at the end. And yes, the twist was good.

Speaking of the ending, it was good. Not a perfectly happy ending, but in the circumstances, that would have been unrealistic. But there were several characters that I thought deserved a harsher consequence :p

All in all, I like this book. It has a very strong start that created excitement and was sustained throughout the book.

Disclaimer: If you didn't read paragraph 2, then you should know that I got this book for free. The review is my own opinion though.

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