Thursday, March 8, 2012

First Physical Book Review Copy

Guess who's over-the-moon with happiness? Yes, it's me! Less than an hour ago (less than half-an-hour ago in fact), the DHL person came to my door with a package. It looks like this:

And the close up shows that Zondervan is the one who sent it to me~
This is the first time that I got a physical review copy. For most, Singapore is too far to mail something to, which is why I'm so happy. While ebook copies are good too, my heart lies with the printed word. I'm sure you're wondering about the book (why look at the package? Show us the goods!). Well, it's a really lovely hardback copy:
I haven't read the book yet so I can't tell you the synopsis, but after reading the leaflet/insert, I found a book trailer, so you can watch that instead of reading a synopsis. But if you don't want to, my sister summed up the synopsis she read with ""half angel half human got love story. I like."


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