Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Simple days are good days

Today is a really special day for me, it's my 18th birthday. After spending the weeks/days leading up telling my friends not to do anything, I'm finally having one of the best days in a long time.

It's the first day after Prelims, which means I can relax, which will not be possible soon (exams in 1 month), so for once, my birthday is in an optimal position. I was going to be virtuous and do math, but after attempting 15 questions, I gave in to the calling of reading.

Well, you see, despite the fact that I'm not supposed to come home with bags of books from the library (to put crudely, I've been banned), I've granted myself a little after-exam respite. And trust me, I've exercised a lot of self-restraint, considering that I only borrowed 4 books (hey, that's already 8 books less than normal).

So far, in the early afternoon, I'm finally enjoying this simple day at home. I've woken up later than the rest of the house, which feels like an absolute luxury for once. And it's indescribable to find that your little brother tucked a letter to "the birthday girl" directly above where you sleep, so you can see it once you open your eyes. And the letter has 3 simple, but sweet words "I Love You".

After my attempt to study failed cheerfully, I decided to go over to my grandma's place to just read with TLC channel on (the shows are really interesting to me. Well, the food looks good anyway). But then, when I came, the door was locked. So, being in no mood to go home and without a handphone (I avoid bringing them everywhere), I went to find a nice spot to sit.

Well, at the ground level, near the lift lobby, there are a few benches stacked next to the wall. Normally, you'll only see the domestic maids or the foreign workers sitting there, enjoying a few moments of quiet. Seeing that it was empty, I quite gladly sat down and began to read. And not read.

It's a conducive spot for reading, since there's a nice breeze with natural light (but no sun in your face). But I suppose the sight of me reading was a bit strange and shocking, because everyone who passed by turned and stared. Perhaps it's because I'm not one of the typical inhabitants of the benches but it was interesting to see the reactions of all the people passing.

But sooner or later, my stomach started crying for food (pizza for breakfast is delicious but still temporary), and I made the short walk home to get my phone, where I learnt that there was a mis-communication about whether I was going to be there for lunch. The long and short of the phone call was that I ended up doubling back to my grandma's house, this time, sitting on the floor outside the door to read.

Concrete is a surprisingly comfy seat, since it's cool to touch. And with potted plants around me (courtesy of my grandma and her neighbour), it was a surprisingly nice spot to read. Thankfully though, my neighbours weren't walking up and down the corridor, because I wouldn't have appreciated blocking their path or providing fodder for complaints. And when Emily came back, her question to me was not why I was on the floor, but why I wasn't reading on the steps. I suppose next time I get locked out, I can always try that.

I'm hoping the rest of the day goes just as well. I'm planning to just play my DS (at long last), read some more, and at night, go for a dinner with 3 of my closest friends. Because the simple days at home are good days.

And if you're wondering, I was reading Yes, My Darling Daughter by Margaret Leroy. I'm loving the book so far(:

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