Monday, September 5, 2011

Booktracks and other stuff

Incidentally, I'm going to add Mong's tumblr to the site links. Although for some reason, I related to Amanda's writing more, Mong feels more poetic somehow. And he's the most literary person I know (even if he does like to troll people). I don't know if I'll keep in touch with AC people after IB (these two years, quite frankly, weren't the best), but the writing's too good to ignore. Besides, the reason I even thought of going onto Tumblr was because of him. But the reblogging thing still puts me off.

Anyway, the main topic of this post is supposed to be a review of Booktracks. If you've been reading other sites/blogs about reading/literature, you'll probably have come across Booktracks. For the uninitiated, booktracks is simply another way to read books: by adding appropriate soundtracks. So far, they've released several new books on iTunes (like Hansel and Gretel, The Selfish Giant, etc). So far, I've downloaded all the free books (only one, which is not a classic, isn't free)

I've got to say though, the soundtracks, to me, aren't very impressive. I understand that the longest one, The Power of Six is supposed to be the best, but the others, like Sherlock Holmes, don't make much of an impression. But I must admit, it's probably my fault. The nice thing about Booktracks is that you can take a test for your reading speed. Unfortunately, even when it's at the maximum speed (700 words/min), it's still too slow for me. Hence, I regretfully cannot appreciate the soundtracks because I'm way too fast.

On a side note (it's more of a complete digression), I've just signed up for Dropbox (thanks Amanda!), and I've got to say, "Why only 2GB free?". I don't foresee myself using it that much after all.... Maybe I will, since I have to go to Japan, but maybe not (If I can find the photos of 107E, I will though). But ok, actually, the main point was: They have the clearest terms and conditions I've read so far. It's not in legalese or any of the fancy dissertations that make me turn off, which is why I actually finished reading it. They really should be copied, because making your terms of service accessible to the common reader is the best way to let your users know about their rights under the program/service/etc

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