Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Four Magic Words

Once upon a time No wait, that feels too familiar... But I want it to start that way, it feels magical.

Yeah, magical. What kind of retard writes those cliches?

This is my story, so I'm writing it the way I want it. And I want to start with a classic "Once upon a time, in a land far away"

And you'll bore the readers to death. Plus, you have no talent, and it will be more obvious when you set yourself against the masters.

Hush you. Who said you can talk? That opening is wonderful, so pretty, so hopeful

Yeah and you know, we're not living in the far away land. Oh wait, we are.

Stop being a cynic, can't a girl believe in fairy tales?

Oh right, you're a girl whose hair is a snake that talks and your glance turns men into stones. You are so ordinary you definitely need a fairytale.

(As you can see, exam season is not pretty - looking at the carnage. Above: Exhibit B)

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