Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Rainy Day

It was a wet and rainy day. Not so much dark and stormy, but wet enough and rainy enough.

She had just walked out of a tough paper when she felt the rain coming down. Again, it wasn't quite lashing, but it was nipping at her enough so that she felt wet and uncomfortable.

The weather was an anomaly. It was too cold for the hot country and the rains seemed to promise doom for her exam marks. Pre-occupied, she went through the motions of chatting with friends and going home. Absently, she noticed that the weather was too cold. Not so cold that you could get frostbite, but cold enough to turn a girl's lips purple.

As soon as she got home, she headed straight for the one place that offered refuge from this dismal drizzle. Standing in the shower, with water hot enough to fog up the mirror, the exam hounds were finally banished from her mind. Never mind that the government advocated short, efficient but soul-sucking showers, it was time to let the water warm up a person.

Coming out, with her hair wet and wearing her comfiest, over sized clothes, the girl smiled.

Ah, bliss.

(Yes, for some strange reason, I wrote a vignette. What do you think?)

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