Monday, August 22, 2016

The Book of Lies by James Moloney

I re-read The Book of Lies last week and I still love it. I think it's amazing how some books just stay with you. It seems almost random at times.

The Book of Lies starts when a boy comes to an orphanage. His name is Marcel, but someone gives him a new name (Robert) and a whole new backstory. But thanks to a little girl called Bea, he remembers his true name. Also, there are two other kids at the orphanage: Proud Nicola and angry Fergus. Obviously, Marcel clashes with Fergus. Obviously they play a big part, or I wouldn't mention them.

Soon, the three of them find out that they are not who they think they are. Like Marcel, Nicola and Fergus have had their memory wiped and new ones installed. And then the real action begins.

This story has tons of twists and turns, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The truth of who the kids really were - for example - was confusing, and even at the end, not very clear.

I really liked the four main characters (Bea, the little girl that helps Marcel is one too), and the way that Nicola grows was really great. Fergus... Grew a little, but I think that this isn't his book to shine.

Oh, and silly me only realised this was a trilogy on my last read! So I'm gonna have to look for the second book as soon as I can (which is not looking hopeful, because this series came quite a few years ago, and it's not in the eBook library so...)

I totally recommend this for fantasy lovers! Especially if you like stories with magic books that have a mind of their own.

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