Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blood Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff

So yesterday, I reviewed the first book in this series (link leads to my review). To sum, it's an awesome book about chasing after a female serial killer. And after introducing the complexities of Carla, Alexandra (check author's name) wraps up this two-part series by tieing up the past and the present.

I'm probably confusing you, so let me explain. [SPOILER ALERT FOR THE FIRST BOOK. MAYBE]. As we learn in Huntress Moon, Carla is the only survivor of a serial murderer only known as the Reaper - twenty five years ago, he massacred whole families before suddenly stopping.

So in order to catch Carla, Agent Roarke decides to use an existing family massacre as bait - to pretend the Reaper is back. But when he goes to 'investigate' the case, he realises that startlingly, the Reaper IS back. It's a coincidence he hates, but hey, we as the reader get to see all the loose ends tied up.

Blood Moon can stand alone, but it makes much more sense if you've read Huntress Moon. For one thing, the character developement carries on from the previous book - so if you start here, you might not understand Carla. And Carla is awesome. If I met here, I'd totally reccomend that she takes up kendo.

Agent Roarke is kind of awesome too. But not as awesome as Carla (I'm sorry, I have this image of Carla as River Tam from the movie Serenity [and by extension, the series Firefly, which I will watch once I scrub the traces of Chinese from my brain]).

What I did like about Agent Roarke was really the growth he did. It seems that at the start of the book he's a rather two-dimensional character - he hunts down bad guys. Over the course of these two books, we start to see more about him, why he chose the FBI and well, coming into contact with Carla, it changes him. I don't think all the changes are for the better (his subordinate Epps doesn't thing so), but it's definitely interesting.

If you're looking for a quick series that will pull you in, you should definitely give these two books a go!

Disclaimer: I got a free copy of this book from the author. The overwhelmingly positive review was all me.

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