Monday, March 25, 2013

Fargoer by Petteri Hannila

Let me start by saying that I think this book could be a lot longer. Currently, it's a very tightly written fantasy book, but I think it could be expanded into many more volume (I can see the current book being expanded into three volume). This isn't some criticism that important details were left out, it's just me wanting to read more.

Fargoer revolves around Vierra. After a prophecy that either she or her cousin will lead their clan (with very different results for the clan), she ends up NOT being the leader. That was my first surprise, and from there on, Vierra's life took on different turns. She left her tribe (though not willingly) and underwent a lot of hardships. The book ends with, I think, the promise of a sequel.

Each section of Vierra's life is described by a bunch of brief chapters. They are tied together, but at times, it feels like too much time has been skipped.

Because Vierra's life is described in fleeting episodes, the only character that is fully developed is Vierra herself. The other characters simply don't get enough space. And that's why I wish this book was longer, I think given the chance, we could get a really interesting cast of characters.

The world-building here is fantastic!It is, I think, set in Finland, long long ago. It's not a place that I'm familiar with, but the author has deftly managed to bring the place to life. To me, this is a interesting world where women are in charge, and people live in harmony with nature (and the spirits) - well, except the foreigners.

Speaking of nature and its spirits, Vierra and her tribe have a few rituals. In these rituals, poetry is used. Can I mention how much I love the poetry? It's story-telling, and really broke me into the world of the Fargoer.

Only one thing I don't understand - what does Fargoer mean? I know Vierra is the Fargoer, but I guess I missed the part where we were told what role she had.

I heartily recommend this book. You're probably not me, so at 200 plus pages, you'll thing it's the perfect length (I love long books!). With it's unique background and choice of protagonist you'll definitely be hooked!

Disclaimer: I got this book free from the author in exchange for a review. I was not obliged to give a positive review in any way.

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