Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happily Never After by Isabella Fountain (The Grimm Chronicles #2)

And here, is book two in The Grimm Chronicles series. Admit it, your interest was piqued by book one wasn't it? (;

Happily Never After has our hero Alice trying to deal with the um, fallout of Book One (must. resist. spoiler). And this time, she's been getting dreams (dreams are hints to the Corrupted) about rats. Lots of icky rats (sorry, I'm squeamish). At the same time, she's finding out that some of the most prominent businessmen in town may be Corrupted.

In this book, Alice and Briar are the dominant characters. Her good friends, Trish and Seth are starting to fade in the background. In fact, Trish is becoming unlikable. And because this is set in the holidays, there is no mention of school.

Well, Alice is volunteering at the library. I love the descriptions of the volunteering, and how it isn't a walk in the park. There are the nice librarians, but there's also the strict librarians that is everyone's nightmare. I really do like the mix of characters. It's also to see a character that reads and then uses the knowledge to fight the bad guys.

I didn't mention this in the last review, but in both Happily Never After and Prince Charming Must Die, the book not only comes with the fairy-tales that inspired the series, but also with the "lost diary" of another Hero called Grace Cohen. It's set in the Depression-era America and could be a story in its own right. It features Briar (of course), and hints at some characters that are going to play a bigger part in the series as it goes on.

I'm loving book two and the series!

Disclaimer: I got a free copy of this book from the authors in exchange for a free and honest review.


  1. A very interesting cover. I like it, even if it's a little bit...bright. Sounds like a good series (I haven't read it yet). Thanks for posting!


    1. My favourite part of the cover is actually the picture of the girl ^^ Which would be.... the not-bright part :D

      You're welcome!



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