Saturday, January 12, 2013

Long Reads #17

New Year, new articles to read! I didn't have a particular reading theme this time, but I suspect I'll focus on books for my next post ^^

The Rise of the New Global Elite by Chrystia Freelan - Do you know about the super rich? They're known as "plutocrats" and they're way above what you or me imagine in terms of income. Think 10, 20 million a year. This article (it's about 13 pages long in pdf format) is a good introduction to this super-rich, including the difference between them and the traditionally rich, and how they're affecting the economy. Frankly, I'm intruiged, and I want to find out more. If you know of any such articles, send them my way please~

How to Survive a Stepfamily by Anstey Spraggan - To be honest, the title caught my eye. I think it's an interesting article, although it's really more for parents of stepfamilies than anyone else. The message is: Don't feel guilty for the negative emotions you might face.

The New Old Way of Learning Languages by Ernest Blum- I've never heard of this method of learning a language, called Hamiltonian System (basically, by reading interlinear translations). I do agree on the need for students to read widely for texts, but I do wonder, is a good compromise what my school is doing now? First learn grammar, then learn from a variety of texts (vocabulary and new grammar points).

The Omnivore by Brad Stone - So bascially, is achieving dominance, and now with the kindle fire.... It's an interesting read, but I don't think I've quite figured out where I stand on the Amazon issue. I do like the indie bookshops, but I quite like Amazon too.

"Brainwashed" Foreigners in Japan by Japan Probe - Yeah, I'm not the "Japan is awesome" -insert hearts in eyes-, but I'm not the "Japan is terrible" camp either. I'm a realist. And this is what I'm going to give to people who tell me how terrible Japan is. If you think I came here with unrealistic expectations, you're wrong. And just because I'm mostly positive about Japan doesn't mean I don't know/ignore/am in denial about the negative aspects.

So, what have you been reading since the new year?


  1. I am very familiar with the Hamiltonian System, because I've been using for the past few years to learn Japanese. I wasn't the one who initiated the method, it was my Japanese professor who didn't want to teach us the traditional way.
    Yes, it was excruciatingly difficult in the beginning, but after a couple of months we started to get the hang of it, and after a year we could easily engage in normal day-to-day conversation. So I completely support the method! ^_^

    1. Hey Amicia,

      Wow, it sounds really effective! I'm glad to hear that it is an effective system. Can you share what texts your professor used to teach you? I'd like to use it to increase my fluency.



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