Thursday, January 31, 2013

What The Plus by Guy Kawasaki

If you can't figure out from my sidebar, I'm a huge huge fan of Google+. I don't actually have a facebook page for this blog, but I do have a Google+ page. So when I saw this free ebook from Guy Kawasaki, I jumped on it.

What The Plus is a simple introduction to Google+. It's aimed at the completely uninitiated, although I did pick up some things I didn't know, and learnt a few tips. That said, it is aimed at turning someone into a power user. Personally, I'm fine with how I am now, and I don't need to get a huge increase in followers.

Plus, I wholeheartedly agree with the premise of the book - that Google+ is for passions. My Google+ actually only became really active (and a lot of fun), in December, when I met the NaNoWriMo community (HI EVERYONE! ~Waves~). I was one of the few people I knew doing this, so the community there was a huge help. Just reading their posts reminded me that I'm not alone, and that other people are struggling with me!

Of course, the hangouts were awesome (even though I only participated in one). I actually would like to participate in more hangouts, but there's a huge time difference for the ones I'd like to join.

The book has a lot of things: a chapter for us ladies, a chapter for us photographers (I'm a terrible amateur photographer), etc. It doesn't have one thing though: a chapter on communities. But admittedly, that is a very recent developement on Google+. I'm still feeling my way around, but if anyone has any tips on how to make them more fun, please tell me!

(And of course, if you're in Japan/interested in Japan and love to read, you can always join my community Readers in Japan. It's dual language, and really, all you need is to have bought books in Japan (for two categories), or read a Japanese book (for the rest). I'd really love it if you joined and added your two cents)

If you're new to Google+, or even if you're just curious, you should totally pick up this book. You can find it at this link.


  1. I should probably read this I don't really know what I'm doing with google+!

    1. It's a great read! I'm pretty sure there's a free copy floating around somewhere (unless what I got was a time-limited offer) ^^


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