Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Girls' Book of Glamour (Buster Books)

This book belongs to Simone. But one day, when Rena and I were eating in her room (it's a long long story involving Golden Week), my eyes happened to fall upon this book. It just so happens that I had lent her my "Friends" book (same series) so the books looked like a set when my eyes fell upon them. So before I begin, I should start with my friend's comment "The friends book seems to be written for older people and the glamour book for kids."

And you know what? Her comment sums up the two books perfectly (now, if you're lazy or don't feel like reading, you can stop here). The glamour book is basically on how to be more feminine (I guess that's how they define glamour).

What was nice about this book was that it had practical (if often heard) tips on protecting your skin, taking care of your hair, etc. Most of this stuff is found in any beauty book, but it is written in a way that would appeal to younger girls.

What I didn't like about this book was how at times, it seemed to encourage one to behave like a brat. Things like How To Convince People You're A Celebrity and How to Convince People You're A Hand Model have suggestions like "be unreasonable wherever you go" and getting your parents to "insure your hands for a million dollars." While these articles are very very few, it was enough to put a bad taste in my mouth.

Overall, this is a nice book for girls. It's a bit simple for anyone over say, 15, but it generally has positive messages. But do beware the few "celebrity" sections. It may be modeled on how celebrities seem to behave, but that's no reason to encourage others to behave like them.

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