Friday, January 13, 2012

Draykon by Charlotte E. English

Draykon is a fantasy novel. For some reason, I've slowly started reading more fantasy, which I guess is because fantasy is an indulgence for me. To cut what could be a potentially long-winded flashback short: I was told by my writing teacher that I was reading too much fantasy and it was affecting my writing. But now that I've (temporarily) finished school and no longer have to write dreary reports, I can read as much fantasy as I want.

But for some reason, absence doesn't make the heart grow founder. On the bright side, Draykon may have started to rekindle my love of fantasy. I'm going to give a sort-of-spoiler in saying that it took me to read nearly to the end of the novel to realise that Draykon is another spelling of the huge mythological creature that breathes fire. I noticed that it's getting common to intentionally mis-spell words to make them seem cooler, e.g. Vampyre, Faerie, Trylle. I don't know about you, but it's not very effective.

Draykon is also part mystery. The mysterious Istore (I hope this name has nothing to do with Apple!), is causing deaths and Eva has to find out the cause. But it's really more a fantasy novel, with a world very different from ours, and the mystery was more of a chase than a deduction from clues.

I'm also hoping that Draykon is part one of a series. Otherwise, the ending is seriously disappointing, because some mysteries (my lips are sealed) are not explained, but only hinted at. The true nature of the Draykon is never explained properly, and I felt very puzzled at the explanations (or lack of).

I got this novel free from the librarything giveaway. I was asked to write a review, but was not asked to write a positive review. I will be positive, however, and recommend you to read this book, because it's an enjoyable read.

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