Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

新年快乐! 愿上帝祝福你!


Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Today is one of those rare days that isn't for reading, instead, it's for visiting relatives, stuffing yourself with lots of delicious food and starting the new year on the right foot.

It's traditional to do a thanksgiving (at least for my family), so I'll like to share what I'm grateful for this past year:

My blog. It's corney but true. I'm really grateful that I have the opportunity to write this.

School. Despite a very busy last year with many non-study related things (e.g. a competition/trip to Florida!), I still got decent grades (41 points, slightly below average but not too bad), and a scholarship to Japan. Yes, I'm very grateful for the scholarship.

And of course, God. He's the one that gave me all these blessings, most of which I didn't even mention, so all honour and glory is His. Thank you God. You've been so good to me, even when I haven't been faithful in obeying your voice.

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