Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Teaser Tuesday - Living Abroad in Japan

You might have heard that I've gotten a scholarship to Japan, and yesterday, handed in the Pledge, which makes it even more official. Which is why, I'm currently reading "Living Abroad in Japan" by Ruth Kanagy, one of the few books that talk about moving and living there. So, here's my teaser:

'When you poke your head through the agency door, the real estate agent may take one look and shoo you away wordlessly, or cross his or her forearms in the shape of an X and say something that means "Terrible sorry, but the landlord doesn't rent to gaijin (foreigners)." If this happens, nothing you say or do will make any difference. ' (page 122)
Oh dear, this makes Japan sound like a terrible place to leave in. Anyway, you can come back in a few days to see my review of the book(:

UPDATE: You can find the review here

See you next week!


  1. Hi: That's not the best thing to read before you go! But I bet you aren't buying a house or apartment, right? Sure, lots of Japanese look down on other nationalities, but lots don't - you are going to have a great time. Here's my teaser:
    http://yearofreadingmybooks.wordpress.com/2012/02/01/happy-belated-birthday-edith-and-top-ten-and-teaser-tuesday/ Happy reading, Ruby

  2. Congrats on your scholarship! I'm actually learning a bit of Japanese right now! So far I know how to count a bit and greetings! I really love the language and would love to visit. I'm obsessed with their fashion, too! Gotta say, the teaser is a bit worrying with the whole Gaijin quote! But as in every place, there's people who don't like foreigners and some who are welcoming! Don't worry about it too much :)

    1. Thanks! Haha, that's true. And on the bright side, the teaser helps make sure I don't have unrealistic expectations about how I'm going to be treated there - I've heard stories of past scholars being so disillusioned that they gave up the scholarship :/

  3. They don't sound very friendly. Thanks for stopping by.


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