Thursday, December 29, 2011

Irreparable Harm by Melissa F. Miller

I've finally finished another ebook. Since I prefer the literally written word, my ebook reading always goes down when I have actual paper books to read. But Irreparable Harm (a legal thriller) was so good that I finished it relatively fast (a few days vs a few weeks).

Now, from what I experienced interning at a Law Firm at the JC Law Programme last year, being a lawyer doesn't mean being in court or doing dramatic things like yelling "Objection" everyday. In fact, games like Ace Attorney and now, books like Irreparable Harm are probably very remote from the life of the average lawyer. But strangely, the book also feels realistic in the sense that I can imagine the cut-throat (not the literal parts!) competition and the hierarchy of lawyers described in the begining of the book.

One really big plus for the book is its relatively short chapters. I get bored easily on the iPad, so knowing that the chapters are short make me read more (ironically). Let me explain my twisted reasoning. If every chapter is let's say 20 pages, then after one or two chapters I'll be something like "what can I watch on Youtube?". But if every chapter is less than 10 pages (some 5!), and the story is gripping, I'll be something like "ok, 1 more chapter than I stop" for oh, let's see, around 10 chapters. Of course, this only works if you have a very tightly written and thrilling plot. If not, I won't keep reading because I won't care about finding out what happened next.

Sasha, the protagonist, is a promising lawyer at Prescott & Talbott and she, for some reason, also has a heart (defying the characterisation of many lawyers in many novels I read). She's also, incredibly, a very likeable character despite veering very close to becoming a Mary-Sue. I mean, she can fight (Krav Maga), is pretty (presumably) and incredible intelligent (duh). And yet, she remains down-to-earth, and real, unlike those artificial characters that are all-rounders with one tiny flaw that they inevitably overcome.

So yes, Irreparable Harm is an excellent book which I really do think you should read. But here's the disclaimer: I got this ebook from the librarything member giveaway. I was asked to write a review, but it didn't have to be positive. Plus, all opinions here are my own.

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