Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Teaser Tuesday - The Dragon Keeper

This meme is actually quite fun. Today, I'm taking it from The Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb, another one of the books I got from the MG Carnival.

" 'Company and conversation' he repeated, and an odd note crept into his voice. 'I would think you'd prefer your husband for that.' " (page 248)

And on a related note, does anyone want my copy of The Dragon Keeper (I guess this is like a giveaway). I've read a bit, but it's not to my taste and I don't even feel like finishing it. If it makes any difference, the book is a hardcopy. And no worry, it's in good condition.

Since I'm currently broke (no job, and no school = no pocket money), this 'giveaway' is limited to residents of Singapore.

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