Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Nine Tailors by Dorothy L. Sayers

I'm not sure where I heard about Dorothy L. Sayers, but I think she was a "guilty indulgence" of a famous writer (does anyone know who?). But I figured, if it's a mystery, why not give it a go? I believe The Nine Tailors is one of her famous novels.

Well, The Nine Tailors follows a strange murder. And lots of bell ringing. Personally, I thought the explanation of bell ringing was too boring. Although admittedly, I have no interest in this subject. But it was written in an easy to understand way (except for the directions about how to ring the bells). But still, sometimes the raptures about the bells made me go O.o. After all, I've never heard proper bells - I suppose that means I should go seek out some.

Mystery-wise, it was, average. I couldn't guess the murderer, but the whole plot moved along very very slowly. So very slowly. I actually lost track once, and that scared me, because the book is 441 pages on my iPad (if you hold it up portrait style) and I didn't want to have to restart (because of the lack of time, not because it was that boring). Thankfully, I managed to get back on track.

But, the language was really good. The book is obviously very well-written, and some passages were really quite moving.

For me, the greatest attraction were the characters. They were all really moving, and I thought Peter Wimsey was a good choice for a main character. They really were what kept me reading throughout the whole book.

In conclusion, this is a little like an Agatha Christie book, only that the mysteries are slightly softer. It appeals with it's characters and its language.

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