Friday, December 28, 2012

Tea & Books Reading Challenge 2013

This is probably the only reading challenge for this year. If you ask why, it's because I moved, and so, I can't promise anything about the kind of books I get to read. But with this, well, I finally have an excuse/reason to read Les Miserables/The Grapes of Wrath/Other long classic and re-read favourites like War and Peace.

Ok, so, details of this competition:

Here goes ...  
You may pick both fiction and non fiction books!  
Contrary to last year short story collections, anthologies or collected works in one volume are now allowed! Re-reads will now also be ok (though preferably you should read one of those unread tomes that have been collecting dust on your shelves)!  
Last year you had to read 700+ pages but I reduced this to 650+ for 2013 (and no, this is not further negotiable)! And as a little incentive - books with more than 1.200 pages will count for two books (so theoretically you can read four such super-chunksters to reach the Sencha Connoisseur level)!  
 Last but not least - no large print editions of a book, please!
And if you want to know what I'm aiming for, I'm aiming for Sencha Connoisseur (8 or more books)! Why you may ask? Well, that's because Sencha is a Japanese tea. And uh, and uh

-goes to find a reason-

Oh yes, and because I think 8 books in 12 months is doable. *coughitwasbecauseofsenchacough*

Does anyone have any suggestions what books I should tackle?

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