Monday, October 19, 2015

Still Life by Louse Penny

I opened the Overdrive app one day and noticed that they added a bunch of Louise Penny books! It's been a while since I read her stories, so I decided to do a sort of reread. At my slow pace, since it's a really hectic week.

Still Life is the first in the Inspector Gamache series, and introduces the reader to Three Pines. Jane, a secretive person who just got her art accepted to her first exhibition (the art thing is important), is found dead. At first, everyone suspects a hunting accident, but things aren't as straightforward as they should have been. Inspector Gamache has to work with his team, and a deadweight in the form of Yvette Nichol, to solve this case.

The main attractions of the book are the characters and Three Pines itself. It's been a really stressful month, and it's going to continue for about two more weeks, so it was relaxing to escape to somewhere different. Even if there's a murder. Why are the most peaceful places in books always ruined by violent death? ;p

As for the characters, they're all fabulous. Although knowing a bit about the characters later on, some of the interactions make me tense. Peter and Clara? Please please please don't continue on your paths. Gamache and Jean Guy? You two have this awesome mentor-mentee thing, and I'd really like it to continue. Yvette Nichol? Go home please. So many different feelings for the different characters.

I loved this book, and it was a captivating read that took me away for a while, even though it's not the first time I read it. I can't wait for a bit more time, where I can start on the second book. Hopefully the library got most of her series.

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