Monday, July 6, 2015

Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie

As you may know, I haven't really read the Miss Marple mysteries, because I'm more partial to the Belgian detective. However, this story may have converted me into a Miss Marple fan. (I believe there's a Miss Marple anime. That's one more thing to watch)

Sleeping Murder has Miss Marple subtly guiding Gwenda and Giles, a newlywed that just arrived from Britain. In a remarkable coincidence, Gwenda chooses a house where a murder may have taken place... eighteen years ago. And, the victim was related to her. Gwenda and Gile's curiosity leads them here and there, and into danger.

What I liked about this book was that Miss Marple was so present. It seems like in the other few that I read, she only comes in at the end. Here, she's more active, and I like that. Plus, there was this one scene that reminded me of Poirot. When Miss Marple wanted an excuse to go help Gwenda and Giles, she called her doctor, and got him to recommend a vacation there. Reminds me of the remark in The Clocks (I think that was the title), about obliging doctors that find out where their patients want to go and then recommend that place. Sounds like Poirot and Miss Marple do share some similarities.

I found the mystery really interesting too. I didn't manage to guess the murderer was - especially since the narrator is primarily Gwenda, and so, far off the mark, and I liked the twists and turns.

For me, this was a fairly quick and really enjoyable read. It's also made me a fan of Miss Marple, and that means I'll have to start checking Scribd and the local library to see if they have anymore of her books. Anyone has a favourite Miss Marple book to recommend?

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