Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Facebook Diet by Gemini Adams

I've never been very attached to Facebook. I first got it because I wanted photos of my ROCs 3 trip. But now, it's mostly how my family knows I'm alive (because I'm posting photos), and how I wish people Happy Birthday.

I do admit though, that there was a time, just after I got my smart phone, when I checked facebook many times a day. Not all the time, but whenever I was bored.

And I imagine that if you take that me, and multiply it by a hundred, you'll have the target audience of The Facebook Diet. Simply put, this roughly hundred page book is a list (with one picture per 'sympton') of Facebook addiction.

I shared the book with a friend (we were sitting together, I had my iPad, you know how these things start), and she, using facebook way more than me, agreed with the symptoms. Not that we/she does them. But uh, identifying with them is possible. And yes, the book is funny.

Some of the humour and images are a little crude though, so I wouldn't recommend it to younger teens and kids. It seems to be targeted more at the adults who have found themselves addicted to Facebook.

To me, the funniest symton was "You don't know what Google+ and Circles are". Speaking as someone who now spends more time on Google+ than Facebook, well, I laughed out loud. -insert mock serious tone- hopefully, this will raise the awareness of Google+.

A funny book for those that use facebook.

Disclaimer: I got this book free from NetGalley in exchange for a free and honest review.

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