Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Merely Mystery Reading Challenge Wrap-Up~

Has been been a year? Time certainly flew by! Today, I'm here to do my wrap-up (I'm resisting the urge to use the Japanese word matome on you guys) for the Literary Feline's Merely Mystery Reading Challenge. If you need a recap, here's my introduction, and a link to all the related posts on this challenge.

I signed up for the "Down-on-her-luck-Gumshoe", and I'm happy to say that I've met the challenge! Well, actually, I continued it further. Unfortunately, I ending up reading more cozy's than anything (I read three for the challenge!) so I didn't actually meet the higher level "Shamus" Challenge.

This was really fun. I've always liked mysteries, and it was a good incentive for me to read more. I think, it would have been easier if I stayed in Singapore, but I suppose being in Japan just added to the challenge. Now, as I decide which challenges I'm going to tackle next year, I'm going to have to consider my budget and the Project Gutenberg/Manybooks websites.

I have no regrets participating in this challenge. I don't think I'll do it again next year, but I'll probably revisit it sometime in the distant future.


  1. Thank you for being a part of my challenge! And congratulations on completing it! Like you, I succeeded with the "Down on Her Luck Gumshoe", although I had hoped to do the Shamus.

    Good luck choosing challenges for next year! I think I'm going to stick to one challenge next year, but I admit so many others are tempting . . .

    1. Again, thank you for hosting!

      I think I'll end up sticking to one challenge next year too(:



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