Friday, November 2, 2012

Angels Everywhere by Debbie Macomber

Christmas is coming.... in less than two months! But, it's time for me to get into the holiday mood by reading some Christmas-y stories (seasonal stories FTW?). Anyway, after a really long time, I picked up another Debbie Macomber book.

Angels Everywhere is a collection of two novels - A Season of Angels and Touched by Angels. The two novels follow three angels - Mercy, Goodness and Shirley as they meddle, I mean try to help their charges by Christmas. The three get into a lot of trouble (mostly by riding on escalators, moving a war-ship, etc) but their heart of gold wins out in the end.

Both stories follow the same "pattern", if you will. There are three or more human protagonists, and they have to learn to trust God, let go of fear, or some other lesson before their lives can be filled again. I'm making this sound boring when it's not. They're sweet captivating stories, written in the Cedar Cove style (for the uninitiated, that means multiple POVs and plots).

I will, however, sound a note of caution about the heavenly trio. For some reason, the angels feel too human to me. While they are lovable scamps, they do seem to be fallible (does disobeying direct orders count as a sin?). Plus, they're totally not scary. In the Bible, the first thing Angels tend to say is "Fear not".

But despite my gripes, this is a typical Debbie Macomber novel, which is to say, I love it. Both stories are heart-warming (with messages about trusting God and such), and so appropriate for Christmas. Definitely one to put on your list along with Melody Carlson's A Christmas Dog and An Irish Christmas (link to reviews)

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