Saturday, November 24, 2012

Long Reads #15

It's not just because it's NaNo now, but I've been saving articles on reading. Because reading about reading is awesome~ (Admit it, that sentence made you smile). So this week, I read:

Reading in a Whole New Way by Kevin Kelly- A look at how the rise in e-readers change our reading habits. Personally, I prefer paper, but when you can't get the books that way, you'll change to a screen. I do think, however, that it has affected my reading habits. I'm actually reading more than one book at a time now (it did take a year or so to happen though, so it helps).

Your E-Book is Reading You by Alexandra Alter - It's kind of scary, how companies will take your data and analyse it. Part of the fun for me, is finding a book you didn't think you'd like. I doubt an algorithm could do that. It almost makes me reconsider getting a kindle. Almost. I'm waiting till it starts selling to see the reviews, so I have quite some time to think about it.

Bound for Posterity by Joseph Connolly - Ok, the Folio Society is my latest craze. I'm really a sucker for pretty books. Pretty physical books. I just wish I have the money to buy it. And a way to buy it. This article though, kind of satisfies my curiosity of the Society by giving a really interesting look at it, from the kind of members to the employees.

How Not To Write a Novel: A Step by Step Guide to Failure by Anita Sethi- This is not an essay, but it's a very hilarious list of things you shouldn't do if you want to finish writing a novel. Highly recommended, especially since NaNo is ending.

The Library of Utopia by Nicholas Carr- Is it possible to have the ultimate library online? This article sums up the controversy and provides what I think is a balanced look at both sides - Google and those against Google.

What have you been reading?

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