Friday, October 21, 2011

Ebooks Galore!

Due to my awesome friends giving me hints on where to find free ebooks, like, coupled with my also free ebooks from, I've managed to get books to read during my exam season (no worries, I study before I read).

The first book was actually finished quite some time ago, but I forgot to review it (._.)

If you're wondering, it's called Sudden Death by Michael Balkind, and the title is actually a golf term. The term refers to a play-off during a tie in a gold tournament. Since I actually play golf, I was really interested in how you could make golf a thriller.

Um, well, this book was actually more interesting because of its depictions of how the golf pro's live. The book itself was more of a wait-and-see rather than an active investigation into the threats to the pro golfer. That being said, the main character was likeable and probably the main reason why I kept reading it.

The other two books are by Agatha Christie. They are: The Secret Adversary and The Mysterious Affairs at Styles and basically the only books that I think are under public domain (copy-right issues you see). Well, there's not much more I can praise about her writing. The Mysterious Affairs at Styles was excellent, as usual, and Poirot really had me fooled (and he's really my favourite character of them all). The Secret Adversary is the first Tommy/Tuppence mystery I read (I assume it's a series, like her Miss Marple). It's certainly interesting, although at first, I didn't really like Tuppence, probably because she's too different from me. But by the end of the book, I was rooting for her and and Tommy (you can see the romantic side of Agatha Christie here), although another one of the pairings (nope, I'm not saying), didn't feel as plausible to me.

Yet another book that I finished (this is actually a catch-up of all ebooks I've been reading), is The Demon Girl by Penelope Fletcher, from It's not the type I normally read, but I was so intrigued that this site I always assumed only had the copy-right expired books had a recently published book that I downloaded it.

This book is about how Rae, finds out she's a faerie. Wait, I should give you some background: this is in a world where there was some huge supernatural vs human war (they call it the Rupture) and as a result, most of mankind now lives behind walls in a city.

But back to the book. It was enjoyable because I could really picture it as a shoujo manga. The character descriptions and the inevitable love triangle was probably what made it happen. But since I like reading shoujo manga, I was fine with it. I hope some aspiring artist tries to manga-fy it soon though(:

Ok, the book is a free ebook from and is called The Undying Apathy of Imogen Shroud. It's a zombie book and I'm sorry to say it's probably the only book that I'm not recommending. This is because the book main character (Imogen Shroud) is a lesbian. The fact that this has no relevance to the book (in terms of plot of theme) means I can't understand or even condone it slightly. If you know me personally, you'll know that I'm not the bigoted person I'm starting to sound like here. But because I'm a Christian, I feel called to love the sinner, that is, when my friend is gay, I won't treat that person with disgust just cause of that, but to hate the sin, which means I can't condone any book like this.

I hope this introduced you to a few more ebooks(:

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