Friday, May 20, 2011

The "A" Authoress(es)

I was going to post yesterday, really! But I decided to do the old, long post for IntoTheBook, and apparently, I'm unproductive enough that I only have the motivation and drive to do one post a day. But I'll make it up by combining posts(: But do be warned, with EEToKIA and other posts, the number of posts will decrease in frequency until after November 18 2011.

The first book is by Agatha Christie, called "Evil Under the Sun". It's a Poiret mystery and only cost me $3. But honestly, I'd pay quite a lot for her books, because they're the kind I read over and over again. This novel, as usual, combines human nature with a murder mystery. One aspect about Agatha Christie's books that I like would be how the mystery isn't just something to be solved, and it can't be solved until you probe into human nature. It adds this psychological depths that to me, increases the richness of the book.

While this book claims to tie seemingly random things into the whole puzzle, this is just an illusion. The clues are logical, but require out-of-the-box thinking. When it's explain, the feeling that I get is "Why didn't I think of this earlier!" instead of "This does not make sense!/This is too coincidental!" Even the identity of the murderer, while unexpected, isn't completely implausible. Agatha Christie really is an authoress that upon re-reading, makes the clues seem obvious.

The next book is by Cecelia Ahern and it's called A Place Called Here. Amazingly, while I was reading it in school, one of my classmates Heizel (a guy), mentioned he read it. If you don't know, the cover of this book is bright pink, which is why all the other guys stared at him. It's hard to imagine a guy reading chick lit for some reason.

But he didn't really like the book because of the ending, and I have to agree with him. The book was actually very enjoyable, and I was wondering how it would end, and the ending felt so unsatisfying to me. Since the premise of the book was clearly un-realistic, I wanted a happy ending, like her other books, and this ending didn't feel happy enough for me. I suppose, when I re-read this book, I won't read the ending.

But I don't regret buying both books. Besides, maybe the ending will be an incentive for me to continue writing and write my own version(:

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