Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two Crime Novels

I've managed to read two books, mostly because it takes me very little time to read Agatha Christie. Although the two books were both crime, they were very different in nature.

The first one is The mystery of The Blue Train, which is a murder mystery featuring Poiret, the Belgian detective. It's not as hard to guess as the Oriental Express mystery, but it's still decent. The book centres around the murder of the daughter of a millionaire, and the theft of her rubies. Needless to say, book comes to a very complete conclusion. However, it's not as "good" as some of the others, because of one unrelated ending. Because Agatha Christie's novels seem to have a love story somewhere, this was no different. The main female protagonist is first chased after two guys, but in the end, she's still single =.=  And the girl who ends up with the good guy is her cousin (who's not mentioned a lot, although she's given credit for giving an accidental "key" to solving the whole mystery).

The other book, on the other hand, can't be criticised for plot, because it's non-fiction. It's called Baby X and is about an officer on the Child Protection Team,  and some of the cases he's handled. It's really shocking and at times, disturbing. It's actually quite relevant, in light of the (not so recent) news that an Ex-Hwa Chong guy, and a scholar, was arrested for possesion of child porn. After reading some of the cases in the book, you'll really start advocating tougher punishments for these offenders, which makes me glad Singapore still has the death penalty. (I wonder if anyone will find offence at that?).

Well... the second book is a little harsh (in the opinions it generates from me), but I suppose, we do need to know about the darker side of life.

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