Sunday, January 23, 2011

I *heart* my iPad(:

I haven't posted for the last 3 days partly because I didn't read anything "new" (as in, an actual, physical book), but partly also because I've been reading the ebooks on my iPad(: Which I really love, now that I've gotten the chance to play with it.

Before, I wanted to get a "proper" e-reader, preferably the kindle. But unfortunately, doesn't ship to Singapore (and so alienates a viable customer market). And after a lot of searching for e-readers, my dad just told me to get an ipad. Which, as you can tell, I did.

At first, I was supposed to get my ipad before Christmas, but due to unforeseen delays, it only landed in my hands last week. But still, better late than never(:

The ipad is very handy, because I can check my email, listen to songs, watch videos and look at photos (I've downloaded all my photos from Japan^^)

So far, I've been using two apps mainly for using: iBooks (which is created by Apple for the iPad) and Kobo (which I think has much prettier covers than the plain one of the iBooks). I am now so thankful for public domain (which means all the lapsed copyrights) books which allows me to get books free (mostly from Project Gutenberg). And because both applications (I think, although I've only tried it on iBooks), can read PDF files, I have an even greater choice of books to read; and, I can download Mr Azmi's notes onto iBooks.

I'd talk about the books I've read later (So far, I've finished 4- Heretics, Orthodoxy, Pamela and Pamela II, and I'm now reading Shamela) because today, I want to focus on the iPad itself. (after that, it becomes inconsequential because the main focus will be on the ebooks).

Apart from the two "book" apps, I've also got quite a lot of reading apps, for example, about 5 Bible apps, which allow me to highlight passages and take notes during sermons (all of which can also be done on iBooks and Kobo). Other apps are the various comics that I've downloaded (like Archie, Garfield and Hetalia). And for my brother, lots of books, especially the read aloud ones, like Read Me Stories. And now, I've downloaded more and more Chinese apps/books for my brother, to entice him into learning Chinese.

And the iPad also introduced another reading-related app, called WattPad/Wattpad (I'm not sure where to capitalise). Wattpad calls itself the "youtube for books" and lets readers (all sorts) to post their stories there. I've set up an account (because I've always like writing, even though I'm not good at it, so I'm treating this as a chance to get criticism and improve) and so far, I've also managed to get Rachel to join! However, Wattpad was first set up on the web (no surprise) so you can't actually post stories using the app, which is only for reading, but you can do so on the website.

So you can see, the iPad has many functions which to me, distinguishes it above the average e-reader. I'm so glad I got it instead of something else(:

P.S If anyone is on Wattpad, my user name is EustaciaTan93. Please read the stories and tell me what you think(:

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  1. Hi Eustacia, Glad to hear you are enjoying your iPad and thanks for using Read Me Stories! We really appreciate it!


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