Thursday, November 18, 2010

A different kind of education

I'm really glad it's the hols now, because I get so much more time to read (: And with the kind of books that Aunty Evonne is lending me, I'm learning really interesting stuff, kinda like being homeschooled I guess (since there's not fixed curriculum.

Well, since it's the hols, and I've been giving myself a break since DL, I managed to finish 3 books yesterday, Amsterdam, Assumptions that affect our lives and The read aloud handbook, all really good books. ^_^

Amsterdam is the only fiction book of the three, and is by Ian McEwan, while it's supposed to be the most readable of his books (according to the book), I found it harder to understand. It wasn't til I finished the book that I realised what it was about. And it took me even longer to realise that in the end, the two characters (both protagonists) went to Amsterdam to die by euthanasia. The story is set over a really short time span, but is fairly easy to follow, except the part about the pact.

The next book, Assumptions that affect our lives by Dr Christian Overman looks at the difference between the Hebraic (Eastern) and Greek (Western) worldview, in the context of America. It's really interesting, because even in Singapore, the Greek worldview dominates, perhaps because of our colonial past. But I didn't know that Hebrew/Israel was considered Oriental. A lot of food for thought in this book.

The last book I managed to finish was The read~aloud handbook by Jim Trelease. It's a really weird book for me to be reading, but it was recommended. And it did explain why I really love to read, because when I was really really little, (the England year), my parents used to read to me a lot. And now, I'm reading to my brother (I'm trying to get another bookworm in the family).

And also, I realised why I limit the number of times I visit a bookshop. Yesterday, my daddy took us to Ion, Orchard to do some shopping (he had to meet some clients at Hilton), so my mum and lil' sisters spent the first one/two hours shopping. But then, I decided to go to Borders. And I found this Sarah Dessen set, 3 books in one, and the packaging was really cute. So, in the end, I decided to buy it, rather than not buy, and regret it. I am probably the only person who spends all her money on books. (:

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