Tuesday, January 31, 2012

With Love from Japan, Eustacia

Since I have some time between reviews (can't seem to finish a book), I figured I can use this time to tell you about my new blog: With Love from Japan, Eustacia.

You see, when I found out about my scholarship, I wanted a way to record down what I was going to go through for 5 years (I'm quite unreliable when it comes to actual diaries, although I'm going to try). So, I thought that blogging might help. It's quite simple, I'm just going to chronicle what happens and anything I learnt along the way. There are currently two blog posts up, and they will be quite infrequent since I'm not there yet, but come April, they'll start getting more regular, and be like letters home (yup, this is another way I'm keeping in touch with my family)

Right now, the site is very simple, with just the "Home" page and a free ebook page. I'll be customising more as time goes by, but right now, it's super basic. I do wonder though, how fancy a blog should be. I'm old enough to remember when blogs were for those technologically inclined, and how my first "blog" was a piczo site! Now, I've realised that for someone who reads all the time, I've come quite far in terms of internet skills. And soon, I'll be going to one of the most wired countries in the world!

If you're interested in studying in Japan (especially if you're looking at the Monbukagakusho or MEXT undergraduate scholarship), you might like the posts I have now, since they're basically dealing with MEXT. I couldn't find much information on the undergraduate scholarship, so I hope that the blog posts help those who do. And if you're not interested, then I'll be really happy if you just keep my blog in mind for when you want to read about Japan. If you don't like Japan, then daijyoubu (it's ok), the blog won't make you happy, but thanks for reading my post anyways(:


I really do appreciate all comments, and I'll try my best to reply within 24 hours!