Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Whiff of Scandal by Carole Matthews

Now, who knows anything about aromatherapy? What do you think it entails? For me, there was this one time where my aunt keep scenting her house, and gave me a very long lasting migraine >.< So, yeah, I know zilch about it. And it's this type of ignorance that greets Rose in A Whiff of Scandal by Carole Matthews. Except for the fact that one of her neighbours think that aromatherapy is a euphemism for prostitution.

Most books are based on mistaken ____ (identity, assumptions, etc) and this is no different. And because I have never lived in the English countryside (I highly doubt a year in Birmingham counts), I can't really say if the characters are true to type. But this book is genuinely interesting to read. And really easy to finish.

The only minor quibble I have is regarding Frank (Melissa's husband). I won't tell you the exact details of what happen, save that a normal person will be very angry, but I felt that Frank got over it way way too fast to be human. Well, he did express anger later on, but he forgave her really quickly. I thought that it would have been much more realistic, and added an extra dimension if Carole Matthews took a little longer to resolve that issue.

Other than that, well, most of the characters were very likeable, although I would have liked to get to know one or two of them in greater detail (they are the always mentioned but never engaged in conversation type).

And I realised I have nothing more to say. O.O On the bright side, I've finished 1, and am pages away from finishing another 2 books so do expect at least two longer posts tomorrow. And yeah, I'm working on a new project (hopefully I finish it), so watch this space.

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