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Featured Friday with Random and Booky

I'm not sure if Sadiya has managed to place her Featured Friday with me, but here's mine, slightly late(:

The second meme I’m participating is all due to Sara-Sadiya from Random and Booky! Yay! If you haven’t been to her blog yet (and it’s one of the first few blogs in the “Fellow Bibliophiles” section), you should. It’s a really pretty, really positive blog that lifts my spirits whenever I read it.
She also created quite a few meme’s, which are really well known. And Featured Friday is another brilliant idea, since it allows two bloggers to get to know each other better, as well as readers to know more about the people behind the blog. So here’s my interview with her:
Me: I'll start with a very old/overused question: why did you start a book blog?
R&B: I started blogging back in July because I thought it was an excellent way of sharing books and because of the already out there amazing blogs. Another reason I started a blog was because since I was muslim I faced some discrimination from certain people and thought it'd be a good way of showing people that just because I'm muslim doesn't mean I'm going to blow something up. Overtime though I realized that people who discriminated me were not worth my time and are just really immature.
Me: Some bloggers I know are secretly (or not so secretly) writers, and use their blog to polish their writing skills. I know your blogging style is really casual, but I do want to know, do you have any ambition to be a writer? 
R&B: Not really. I can write, I just don't really write for fun or consider it a career possibility. Though without noticing my blog has improved my writing skills, which is a very useful skill in life. Though I consider myself a reader, not writer. =)
Me: Here's a blog specific question for you: What is the inspiration/meaning behind your tag "Dream! Live! Discover!" ?
R&B: Yeah I like to make the blog me as an extension of myself. =) It makes all blogs more unique and fun! =D
Good question! Well DLD is my personal saying about life that I thought of myself one day. I can't remember exactly how/when I thought of it but about a month ago I was on a quote frenzy. So I think after reading a few inspirational ones I just thought of it.  But I just made it up because that's what life is about: dreaming, living your dreams and discovering new things. And everyone needs a bit of that in life. It's just a small positive message I like to spread to people.=)
Me: Well, DLD was really unique, and I think it's great to spread the positivity around ^^ Does the cover of the book matter when you're deciding if you want to read it?
R&B: Thanks!Not really. I usually judge a book by it's title. But sometimes a cover will catch my eye at the library or book store and I may pick it up. Like recently the cover for Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon caught my eye and the title and summery sounded good so I decided to read it, turned out to be extremly cliche and I put it down. But sometimes if the cover is very 'romancy' ((i don't know how else to describe it)) like a book called Chemical Romance(?) I won't read it.
Me: What kind of character do you think is the hardest to accurately portray in stories?
R&B: Hmmm, I've never really thought about that. Well I think maybe a character that has suffered a lot. Like someone who has gone through abuse, is depressed, lost a loved one etc etc. I mean we know they are feeling extremely upset and traumitized but we never really know what is going on inside their head unless we've been where they have
Me: What blogs do you like to read/is an inspiration to you? (doesn't have to be a book blog)
R&B: Ummm, well actually all the blogs I read, which are all actually book blogs, give me inspiration. Sometimes I'll see these ideas from blogs, all different and it makes me think of one big idea. Like FF, I saw a lot of blogger interviews and I thought 'wouldn't it be great to interview the person back? and actually interact with them?' So yeah, FF was made
Me: What are your thoughts about ebooks and ereaders? I personally prefer paper books but they are useful to bring on holidays...
R&B: I personally do not like e-readers. I mean they're cool and useful but I just like the hard copy of the book better. Something about actually having the book is just . . . I don't know how to describe it. But having the book is a lot better than on a tiny screen, digitally. Not to mention how much better it looks to have the books on your bookshelf. =)
-End Interview-
And like all good conversations, Sara’s questions to me were completely different from the ones I asked her. So hop over to her blog here to see what her interview with me was like

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