Monday, August 28, 2017

Welsh Monsters and Mythical Beasts by Collette J Ellis

Look what my friend brought over recently!

This is the first Kickstarter I ever wanted to back, and the reason I found out that Kickstarter doesn't accept PayPal or JCB cards. So I asked Yiyin if she would help me pay first and then I'd pay her in cash, but this sweet girl bought it for me as a grad gift (':

The Kickstarter met its stretch goals so there were extra rewards like this green man bookmark:

This postcard:

And another postcard of a Llamhigyn y dŵr, which is basically a frog/toad with bat-like wings, horns and when feeling adventurous with their diet, eat chickens and ducks and geese.

And I think this is a name card? It's really beautiful and it makes me think of the final form of that deer from Princess Mononoke!

The book itself was lovely. There are 15 monsters and mythical creatures featured, plus a short introduction to Wales. Each monster/creature gets its own illustration plus a short explanation of what it is.

I do not know anything about Welsh mythology so I found this book to be fascinating. Plus the illustrations really are lovely (and suit the dark nature of many of these monsters) and I enjoyed looking at the art + reading the descriptions.

I'm not sure if this book will be sold in stores but I definitely hope that it makes it there (or on Amazon at least). Welsh mythology isn't as famous as Greek or Roman mythology, and this beautifully illustrated book is a great way to learn a little about this. I am so curious about Welsh mythology now - hopefully I remember (and can find) some books about it!


  1. What a wonderful find! I've only done one kickstarter myself for a graphic novel, which I have still yet to read. But I was very excited about the project just the same.

    I love your extra goodies! And the book sounds fascinating.

    1. It is! I just wish that it's longer! I hope you enjoy your graphic novel(:


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