Sunday, August 28, 2016

Book Fair at Harris!

I don't know how many of my blog readers are in Johor, Malaysia, but if you're there, you should definitely head down to Harris at Tebrau city right now! They have a book fair going on, and there are a few tables full of books going at RM5 (nett) each.

That's about SGD 1.68 or USD 1.24, which is extremely cheap. Even the second hand books in Singapore cost more than that.

I managed to pick up five books myself (though I nearly suffered from choices overload and couldn't decide at first)

The books are:

Android Karenina (haven't read, totally looking forward to it)
A Case for Solomon (finished today, extremely good)
Sisters of Fortune (not sure what it's about, but it looks good)
A World of Curiosities (some kind of book of interesting facts so I'm looking forward to that)
How Not to Read (the humour and I didn't agree, so I gave it away to a friend)

Proper reviews to come!


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    1. Haha I'm just glad that these events are once in a blue moon! I'd go broke if they happened all the time as well :p


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