Monday, May 30, 2016

The Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin

Finally, I've finished this ultra-famous book. I first heard of it when it was nominated (and I think it won?) the Hugo's, and well, I heard nothing but good things. So when I saw that the NLB had it, I immediately placed a hold.

And everyone, this was amazing!

The Three Body problem starts off during the cultural revolution, when Ye Wenjie witnesses the death of her father. After a little while, it skips about 40 years, to Wang Miao and the mysterious deaths of various scientists.

This is probably as good a summary as I can give without giving anything away, because the plot is seriously complicated. And it contains a lot of physics.

I have to admit, all the physics stuff just flew right over my head. If I read this in Chinese, I'd probably have to give up the book. So it's a good thing I borrowed the English copy.

By the way, I thought it was quite interesting that the book didn't seem to make that many waves in China.

I mean, the book opens with the Cultural Revolution, and it clearly isn't portraying it in a positive light. And while I can't say much about Tsisolaris culture, they do remind me, in some odd way, of the worst of modern China. Maybe it's the ultra-utilitarian way they view lives, or the fact that they continually destroy civilisation.

Or maybe I'm just reading it wrongly (this is a huge possibility).

At any rate, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and basically gobbled it up in three days (it would have taken one, but I had school and studying to do. Plus pancakes to eat for dinner).

I would totally recommend this to fans of Science-fiction, especially those who want something different from the norm.

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