Friday, January 8, 2016

A Grimm Curse by Janna Jennings

One day, I opened my email to find a review copy of A Grimm Curse by Janna Jennings. I remembered reading and enjoying the previous two books, so I was quite excited to start this one. It took some time, but I finally made time for the book!

Even though A Grimm Curse is labelled as the third book in the series, it's actually a prequel, and can more or less standalone as a story, since none of the main characters from the first two books appear here. The story follows Cynthia (you may recognise her as Andi's grandmother, or you may not), who's none other than Cinderella. But which Cinderella dares to play pranks on her stepfamily, or help out a talking frog? Or has Rapunzel as a best friend? Not many, I dare say.

What I liked about this book was the sheer abundance of fairy tales referenced. I think I mentioned that book two was fairly original, unlike book one, which featured a lot of fairy tales. As someone who loves them, I was happy to see that book three has returned to showing us the different fairy tales in a new and interesting way. I loved reading and figuring out which character belonged in which fairy tale.

The only section of the book I didn't quite get was [MILD SPOILERS AHEAD] how Rapunzel and Cynthia figured out the truth about the world they lived in. Since I've read the first book, I understand how the world works and what it is, but with very few hints of the truth in the first section of the book, the big reveal felt a little strange to me. Personally, I would have preferred the author drop a few hints about what this world really was, to make Cynthia and Rapunzel's discovery of the truth a lot more impactful.

Overall, though, I really enjoyed this book. As I've mentioned before (probably multiple times), I love fairy tales and fairytale retellings. Which makes this book, with its many, many fairy tale references, an awesome read for me.

Disclaimer: I got a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for a free and honest review.

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