Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Insanity by Cameron Jace

I picked this book up during a Bookbub sale because of the cover and blurb, and am I glad I did. I'm not the mailing list type, but after I finished the book, I went over to the author site and signed up immediately. Yes, it's that good. Now, I need money to buy the sequels.

Insanity features Alice Wonder, a girl locked away for murdering her school bus full of friends. But when other girls start turning up dead, a creepy grin sewn onto their faces (Cheshire, of course), Alice may be the one to solve the murder. Thanks to Cater Pillar the Killer, she gets to roam free during daylight hours, solving the various hints laid out by Cheshire. Proving that everyone is mad, things get stranger and stranger for Alice.

The wonderland characters appear throughout the book, most of them way darker than you would think. As for Alice, besides solving a murder, she's trying to figure out exactly what happened in the past, because she doesn't remember a thing.

Considering how many times I thought "hmmm" makes sense, and combining that with the fact that I love this book makes me wonder just how 'normal' I am. Then again, we're all mad here, aren't we?

Alice was an amazing protagonist. You have to like a protagonist who judges how sane she is by whether or not the Tiger Lily in her room talks back to her. That's a girl with her head screwed on right(;

The story flowed in such a way that even I was left wondering how much of this was real, and how much was false. Is Alice really The Alice? And more importantly, are we just insane and following her around? (Ok, probably not to the second question. But you do wonder, especially when you look at the reaction of the 'sane' people)

I noticed what seemed to be two errors in the book, but to be honest, I don't really care. I'm not even sure why I saw them, but I did, and it pulled me out of the story just that tiny bit.

On the whole though, this was an awesome book. I'm so glad I picked it up! And I see the author has written other fairy-tale inspired stories, so off to Scribd to see if any are there!

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