Friday, January 30, 2015

Unicorn Western by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant

I first heard about Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant when I read their book, Write, Publish, Repeat. It was really good (and a lot of things applies to artists in general, so the bestie got like 20 screenshots of quotes while I was reading it), and it made me curious about their other books. Unicorn Western seemed like the sort of random that I'd enjoy, and it was on Scribd.

Unicorn Western is a hilarious take on the movie High Noon. It follows, Clint, the marshal who's really the "tough guy with heart of gold/some sort of heart" guy, and my favourite character, the sarcastic, turkey-pie loving unicorn Edward. On the day that Clint is about to get hitched to the love of his life, Mai, he gets word that Hassle Stone is coming back for revenge - with a unicorn of a different colour.

As background knowledge, you should know that unicorns are white. A differently coloured unicorn is an abomination against nature.

Clint and Edward are the perfect pair. Clint is a cynic, but he has a sense of duty. Edward is just sarcastic and likes to eat and throw bags of oats at people.

This book was fairly short, but a really fun read. The only character I didn't like would be Teddy, because he's whiny and useless. Then again, I am seeing him through Clint's eyes, which are admittedly biased.

I am so totally going to carry on reading this series.

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