Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Chrono Virus by Aaron Crocco

When I was looking through the ebooks that I've downloaded (they were on sale, I got them, then I forgot about them), I found this interestingly titled book called Chrono Virus. And since the author is none other than +Aaron Crocco, I had to read it straight away.

Chrono Virus is an interesting sci-fi short story. Set on the spaceship Raven, the three crew members get attacked by a strange mist. Each time their attacked, they flashback to a life-changing moment in their past - or is it more than a flashback?

Although this story was short, it was very well-written. I was interested in the characters, and I found the idea of the Chrono Virus to be very interesting. I think that the small number of crew members was a good idea, because it allowed for properly fleshed out characters without making the book unwieldy. And the number is not so small that the book ended too soon.

Since the book does use the word "Chrono" in its name, the narrative is, of course, non-linear. It jumps back and forth with the different characters, but was never confusing to read. I actually managed to figure out how the Chrono Virus worked even before the end, where it was explained because of how the narrative worked (not going to give away any spoilers here).

I honestly wish that this book was longer. It's a great book and I really enjoyed reading it. Now, I have to go and save up more money, because my TBR list is getting longer and longer.

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