Thursday, January 9, 2014

Stealth by Alexis Duong

Steath is a free, yes free, novel that you can read on Figment. Now that I have your attention, here's what it's about.

Stealth is about 16 year old Anya Nakamura, who's suddenly recruited to stealth. Stealthing is basically stealing someone's soul, so I guess she's a demon in some way. But that's irrelevant to the story. The story is about how she has a lot of natural talent and becomes a team leader. There, she meets Caleb, this guy that has "issues". 

What I loved about Stealth were the characters. Anya and Caleb (not to mention the rest of her team) were were well-crafted characters. It was easy to rally behind Anya and hope that she finally found a place where she could excel and more importantly, belong. Caleb was, to be honest, a bit of a jerk at first, but once his point of view was introduced, I totally understood why he acted like that. 

But although I really liked Anya and Caleb, I thought that their relationship changed a bit too abruptly. They started out constantly bickering, and yes, there's Caleb picking fights so that he doesn't get too attracted to her, but once they're in a relationship, they're all lovey-dovey. Personally, I would have liked this part to be taken a bit slower, since going from almost-enemis to inseperable was a bit too abrupt a change for me. 

While I enjoyed the concept of Stealth, I felt that there were some problems with the plot. I had expected the plot to be about what Stealthing was. I had assumed that since very little information about It (the guy/thing behind Stealth) was given, the story would be about what the organisation truly was. But it suddenly changed tracks and then ended abruptly. I think it would have been better if the last half (after the plot twist) was developed more and the main focus on the book. 

All in all, I like Stealth because of the characteristaion. The plot started off well, but the twist at the end completely changed the direction of the plot and was a bit too abrupt to me. 

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