Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ever After High: Storybook of Legends by Shannon Hale

One of the mini-series that I've been watching would be Ever After High. It's a fairytale retelling, but about the kids of the original stories. The two protagonists are Raven Queen, the daughter of the Evil Queen and Apple White, the daughter of Snow White.

All the characters have to go through Legacy Day, a day where they pledge to follow in the footsteps of their parents. However, Raven Queen doesn't want to be evil.

This is the premise of both the mini-series (which I recommend you watch - each episode is about 3 minutes long, so it's really easy to carve some time to watch it). However, while the series is very episodic, the book has more of a plot and actually covers what happens during Legacy Day (the cartoon mini-series hasn't actually gotten there yet).

I loved this book! The characters were just like how they were in the cartoon, right where to Maddie (the daughter of the Mad-Hatter), breaks the fourth wall to talk to the narrator. In fact, the book goes into more detail and introduces more background knowledge - for example, more about the Evil Queen.

Of course, the book being a book and not a three minute episode has more space to develop the characters. Plus, Shannon Hale is an awesome writer, so she really brought the characters to life.

If you're a fan of this series, you should read the book. If you're a fan of fairy-tale retellings in general, well, I'll still recommend this book to you.

Note: This book was read as part of the fairy-tales retold reading challenge.

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