Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Honest Toddler by Bumni Laditan (ARC)

I remember toddlers. Some are really really cute (like this little kid at the kindergarten), and some can be scary. Yes, scary. I'm up against little peoples with more energy than me, and to make things worse, their voices are louder (and you can't yell at them without looking like a meanie anyway). But how do toddlers want to be treated? According to The Honest Toddler - Like the Kings and Queens of this planet.

And no, they do NOT want siblings. There isn't enough love to go around.

And whatever they do, don't hurt their fragile spirit through discipline. Instead, learn to love the chaos they bring.

Which, I think, sums up the book (you should be reading it for the style, not the message).

From what I know of toddlers (and the little I remember of my toddler-hood), The Honest Toddler seems like a minority. Or maybe, Asian toddlers are better behaved (we turn into little screaming monsters a few years later though). But this doesn't mean that this account is any less hilarious. Or Oedipal - The Honest Toddler seems to resent the love between his parents.

This book covers a whole bunch of different subjects. What should you feed your child (no vegetables - they make you weak), should you potty train (no), and what to do if your little angel does something wrong (nothing, do not stifle their spirit). At times, the whole "I'm the center of the world" attitude got on my nerves, but then again, I'm the oldest child and I've long learnt that no one is the center of the world.

I have a feeling that some parents, particularly well-rested ones, may find this book extremely hilarious. But if you give it to a sleep-deprived parent, I fear that they may throw the book at you because "who has the time to read when I have 123592 things to do?!?!?!"

Disclaimer: I got a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a free and honest review.

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